What We Do

With trim, efficient, highly skilled teams, we reduce costs and maximize quality. We nurture invention by ensuring the most impassioned talent is assigned to your project.

CreativeLab.TV has over 20 tech, scrum, and design teams ready to go.

Websites, mobile apps, design, clear UI/UX, Q/A, and project management.

Engaging content, marketing, messaging, videos & presentations.

Custom App Development

We build high-quality apps for iOS & Android.

Whether building your brand-new applications from scratch or dealing with your prior developer’s spaghetti code, our hand-picked engineers have the expertise to bring your dreams to life.

Custom Website & Web App Development

Responsive WordPress, PHP, and Ruby-on-Rails Sites.

At CreativeLab.TV, we created custom apps for big companies and startups, and we’ve worked with Hollywood icons like Will Ferrell &  FunnyOrDie.com.

UX/UI Design

We'll create quality designs & UI/UX for your audience.

We’ll make sure your apps, logos, branding, and UI/UX attract customers.

Blended Soul™

A beautiful app that provides personality readings and other functionalities to help you see yourself more clearly.

Use the app for personal exploration or as a spiritual tool to improve your relationships and career. Select from 234 lavish personality cards.

Share it with friends and grow together! Save your personality readings and keep track of your growth.

Visit PersonalityApp.com to learn more.

Our Stack & Process

Our Tech & Design consultants are available for short-term and ongoing contracts. We use the most productive agile processes and our stack of languages and frameworks spans the web.

It's Time For Your Next Video Or Animation


CreativeLab.TV creates web and mobile applications for start-ups, small to medium-sized businesses and enterprise companies.

We helped build Aetna Insurance apps – and Will Ferrell’s FunnyOrDie.com.

Five-Time EMMY Award Winner

Paul Wagner, the CEO, has raised over $6M for startups, worked with legends like global sensation Will Ferrell and Michael Eisner (of Disney fame), and lectures throughout the world. Invite Paul to lecture at your event.

Check out Paul’s book – Startup Confidential: The Raw Unfiltered Truth About Starting A Company